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Working in farming

If you work in farming and garden nurseries in Norway, you are entitled to the following minimum hourly wage:

Holiday and harvesting help:
Employee 16-17 years old: NOK 83.75
Employee 17-18 years old: NOK 86.75
Over 18 years of age – beginner up to 12 weeks: NOK 105.25
Over 18 years of age – employed 12-24 weeks (3-6 months): NOK 110.75
Employers over 18 who have been employed for more than 6 months, are paid as unskilled permanent employees at a rate of NOK  123.15.

Permanent employees, hourly rate:
Unskilled worker NOK. 123.15
Employee 16-17 years old: NOK 91.75
Employee 17-18 years old: NOK 95.75
Supplement for skilled workers NOK 8.00

Week-ends, public holiday pay, substitute/replacement on a fixed rota:
A 25% supplement is paid per hour worked.
1) From Saturday  13.00 and Sundays 24.00
2) Between 13.00 and 24.00 on Christmas and New Year’s Eve
3) Between 12 pm and 12 am on public holidays and 1st and 17 May.

Apprentices are paid a minimum of 60% of the rate for unskilled permanent employees.
This is the gross salary. Your employer has an obligation to withhold tax from your salary (pay tax). The rates are adjusted upwards every year, following negotiations between the trade unions and employers' organisations.