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What is a collective agreement?

A collective agreement is an agreement between the employees’ and employers’ organisations. In Norway, collective agreements are national. A collective agreement entitles you to better terms than the industry standard for e.g. pay for public holidays, right to more holiday and holiday pay, more overtime pay and better pension schemes. An agreement also provides greater freedom to agree working hours that are more suitable for long distance commuters than those dictated by law. Here are some of the differences:



Non-members without collective agreement (only Norwegian law applies)

Members of a company with a collective agreement


No rules

Agreed salary terms – including minimum wage. Right to annual local negotiations.

Working hours

9 hours per day/ 40 hours per week

7.5 hours per day/ 37.5 hours per week

Extra pay for week-ends and nights

No extra pay

Agreed extra pay

Public holiday pay

Only 1 and 17 May are paid

All public holidays are paid


Terms of the Company Act and Working Environment Act

Agreements and terms for members

Unfair dismissal

No help, you have to get your own solicitor

Support from officers and solicitors if required


4 weeks and 1 day, 10.2% holiday pay

5 weeks, 12 % holiday pay


No support

Support from 

fund. Own training organisation. Union organises courses and conferences