Fellesforbundet avdeling 53 Nordre-Nordland og Sør-Troms

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Fellesforbundet was established in 1988 and is now an amalgamation of seven former unions: The Norwegian Graphical Union (established 1882) The Norwegian Union of Clothing Workers (established 1890) The Norwegian Union of Building Industry Workers (established 1923) The Norwegian Union of Iron and Metalworkers (established 1891) The Norwegian Union of Paper Industry Workers (established 1913) The Norwegian Union of Forestry and Land Workers (established 1927) Hotel- and restaurant Workers Union in Norway(established 1932)

The seven unions that joined forces to form Fellesforbundet have long traditions. The Norwegian Union of Graphical Workers was the first union to be established in Norway and the Nordic countries, as early as 1882. The Union of Clothing Workers was formed in 1890, and the Norwegian Union of Iron and Metal Workers was established the following year, in 1891.