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What is early retirement pension? (AFP)

AFP is a collective agreement pension scheme, which enables you to retire at 62. If you are employed in a company with a collective agreement that includes AFP, you will be entitled to AFP.

Previously AFP was paid from the state pension when you turned 67. AFP is now a lifelong addition to the state pension from the government.

You have to apply for the government state pension at the same time as AFP. This is because the new AFP is provided as a supplement to the state pension. But you do not need to withdraw 100 % of your state pension, you can choose to withdraw between 20, 40, 50, 60 or 80 percent.
AFP is only awarded if the criteria for a state pension are met, including the requirement of being guaranteed the minimum pension level/guaranteed pension when you turn 67. When calculating whether you meet the requirement for a guaranteed minimum pension, the AFP supplement is included.