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It is mandatory to pay hotel, restaurant and catering workers according to the statutory minimum wage regulations (allmenngjøring).

The regulations on the general application of the collective agreement for overnight accommodation, food service and catering companies apply to both unionised and non-unionised employees, whether they are Norwegians or foreigners, and irrespective of where in the country they are working.

The regulations cover all employees in hotels, restaurants and catering companies in Norway. The following minimum wage rates are valid from 1 December 2018. The minimum hourly wage rates are:

•    Employees over the age of 20/after 4 months' experience over age 18: NOK 161,87 per hour.
•    Youth rates:
o    16 years: NOK 105,83 per hour
o    17 years: NOK 115,33 per hour
o    18 years: NOK 129,59 per hour

If an employee is quartered by the company, the employer can deduct no more than the following sums from gross wages:

•    For a single room: NOK 541,12 per month
•    If you share a double room, NOK 351,95 per month  

The minimum wage rates follow the rates in the collective agreement on which they are based.  

The Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet) shall control that employers comply with the minimum wage regulations. If the rules are breached, the Labour Inspection Authority can issue orders, daily fines, stop work, or report the matter to the police.

If you become a member of the trade union in the sector - Fellesforbundet - you can receive help to demand the minimum wage you are entitled to. The more who become organised, the more who can demand an ordinary collective agreement in the company. The collective agreement for hotels, restaurants and catering workers gives employees far better conditions and more rights, including:

•    Higher wages for individuals with craft certificates and/or work experience
•    Wage supplements for evening, weekend and night work
•    Higher overtime supplements
•    Additional holiday and holiday pay
•    Collectively agreed pension scheme (AFP)

For more information on the general application of collective agreements and minimum wages (allmenngjøring), see:

The Labour Inspection Authority

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