We are on strike!

bilde til nyhetssak

We are on strike in the hotels and restaurant sector (Riksavtalen). Almost 3 500 members of Fellesforbundet are on strike because the employers says no to a system with local negotiations on wages.

  • Local negotiations on wages is the most common way in Norway for workers to have a wage which reflects the profits of the company we work in

  • The employers have also rejected our demand for higher wages for our lowest paid members

  • The employers want to keep low wages in the sector – that is our impression of the employers’ position. This is unacceptable to us. That is the reason we are on strike

  • Members in the sector can contact their shop steward or local union (avdeling) for information.

Bli medlem!/Become a member!

Det har dessverre oppstått en teknisk feil i Fellesforbundets innmeldingsskjema. Så hvis du ønsker å bli medlem, ta kontakt med oss på e-post: medlemsavd@fellesforbundet.no. Da sender vi deg innmeldingsskjemaet på e-post.

Information in English: Unfortunately Fellesforbundet has discovered a technical error in our (Norwegian) enrollment form. So if you wish to become a member, please contact us at the e-mail address: medlemsavd@fellesforbundet.no. We will send you the form by e-mail.