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What is a collective agreement?

A collective agreement is an agreement between a company and a national union, for example Fellesforbundet. This agreement ensures you a minimum of benefits at the workplace. The same agreement is implemented in all companies within the same line of business.

One of the biggest advantages of a collective agreement is that you know what the terms of your employment are supposed to be. The agreement states working hours, pay, schedules, additional pay, when you are entitled to time off with pay (in addition to payed holiday) etc. A collective agreement also guarantees you those yearly payraises that are negotiated nationally by Fellesforbundet.

With a collective agreement you as members of Fellesforbundet also have the right to negotiate local agreements that are better that the national collective agreements. You elect your local union representatives who negotiate on behalf of the Felleforbundet members at your workplace. The agreements you reach with the company must be in written form. Examples of such agreements are shifts and schedules, salary and other additional payments.

A collective agreement also gives you as employees the right to insight and influence into the company plans that can affect your work.