Hopp til hovedinnhold

Staffing agencies

Are you working for a staffing agency? Know your rights.

Since january 2019, there are new rules which give you a more predictable work situation.

  • You must have an employment contract which shows your real employment rate
  • You will have salary according to your employment rate
  • You need to know when to work, either daily or periodically

Fellesforbundet has long fought for better conditions for those working for staffing agencies. The amendment came as a result of hard work from Fellesforbundet, our elected representatives and local departments.

The amendments to the Working Environment Act, valid from 01.01.2019:

1. Clarification of what is permanent employment - Section 14-9 (2):

Section 14-9 (1) of the Working Environment Act reads as follows:

Employee must be hired. With permanent employment, this Act means that the employment is continuous, that the law's rules on termination of employment conditions apply and that the employee is guaranteed predictability for work in the form of a real job position.

2. Regulation of working hours - Requirements for content in written employment contract - Section 14-6 (1) j:

The employment agreement shall contain information on matters of significant importance in the employment relationship, including:

  1. j) Length and location of daily and weekly working hours. If the work is to be carried out periodically, the employment contract shall determine or provide a basis for calculating when the work is to be performed.