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Congress 2019: Highlights

Fellesforbundet held its quadrennial congress in Oslo 11th - 16th October, shaping the organisation's policies for the next four years. Here are some of the conclusions reached.

EEA agreement: The congress demands an official assessment of the current agreement.

Wind power: The congress is not in disfavor of wind power as such, but warns against installing turbines in areas with extensive conflict regarding local resources and environmental issues.

Staffing agencies: Fellesforbundet aims at termination of the current practice of staffing agencies, striving for stronger official responsibility when it comes to providing jobs.

Carbon capture and storage (CCS): The congress sees CCS as a requirement in order to reach the climate goals of the Paris agreement.

Toll roads: The excessive use of toll roads negatively affects many of our members. The congress demands more state funding of building roads and an assessment of alternative financial models with a more social profile.

Continuing and further education: The congress sees the need for a powerful reformation of continuing and further education for all, not only for a few.

Pension: It is currently very difficult for employees to keep track of their employer's pension payments. The congress demands that these payments are included on the pay check.

Work assessment allowance (AAP): The congress wants to increase the period of receiving work assessment allowance to at least four years, until the system of assessment has been optimized.

Palestine: The congress demands that the Norwegian government recognizes Palestine as an independent country.

Additionally, the congress decided to include lawyer insurance/assistance and travel insurance as a voluntary part of the member benefits scheme.

Further documentation will be published shortly. 

Photo: Morten Løberg