Hopp til hovedinnhold

Information regarding the results after mediation on the Collective Agreement for the building industry (FOB)

Use your right to vote! This year's collective agreement is crucial for workers. After three lean years with increased price inflation, we had to catch up. The assignment was clear: We were to increase purchasing power.

In this settlement on the Collective Agreement for construction trades, we have a strong financial result that gives our members a solid improvement of purchasing power. We have received a solid general addition and a historically high one increase of the minimum wage. We have passed requirements that give us a better agreement.

It is important to give the individual worker the opportunity to develop, gain new knowledge and new skills. At the same time, companies can acquire competence for restructuring, the green shift, technological development and competitiveness. These have been important demands in this year's settlement.

We will hold a ballot on the 7th of May. The negotiating committee of Fellesforbundet recommends unanimously to vote yes to the proposal. I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the results and exercise the right to vote!

With best regards
Christian Justnes


Exercise your right and duty to cast your vote on May the 7th!

Recommended proposal for the Agreement for the building industry – some of the most important points


  • With effect from 1st of April, a general supplement is given to everyone of NOK 7,- per hour.
  • The minimum wage for skilled workers is increased by NOK 12,- to 250,30 per hour

Employees without professional qualifications

  • Without industry experience NOK 226,90 per hour
  • 1 year industry experience NOK 235,80 per hour
  • Under 18 years NOK 153,83 per hour

Other rates

  • The overtime allowance is increased to NOK 314,69
  • Increase in the rates for travel and walking time.
  • Increase in dirt and base addition.
  • Increase in tools allowance.
  • New rate for the offshore supplement: NOK 100,09

Staggered working hours

  • Overtime payment for staggered working hours from the first working day.


Surcharges applicable from 1st of August:

  • Plumber 131,53%
  • Painting 14,98%
  • Masons 17,90%
  • Plumber 4,34%

Krone factor

  • Roof covering at least NOK 247,69
  • Carpentry at least NOK 236,97
  • Insulators NOK 242,07
  • The concrete trades at least NOK 282,52
  • Landscape gardener at least NOK 2,05

Food money

  • New rate for food allowance NOK 107,-


To follow up the upcoming the competence reform, the parties have agreed to start a committee work in the period. This will be surveyed and examine the need for follow-up and further education. Committee work must be carried out with a goal that relevant questions have been discussed before the collective agreement in 2026.

Protective equipment

Protective equipment must be adapted to women and men where unisex model is not satisfactory.


The parties agree to strengthen diversity work. The parties must come together find and implement measures to promote and retain diversity in the industry.

In case of misunderstanding of the translated text into English or another language, it is the Norwegian version that is correct.